Processional / entrance 

  • I watch the Sunrise (close to you)
  • Abide with me
  • Amazing grace
  • Nearer my god to thee
  • Make me a channel of your peace
  • Morning has broken
  • How great thou art 
  • Christ be beside me 
  • Ill sing a hymn to Mary 
  • Holy God we praise thy name 
  • Christ be our light 
 Psalm (this is sung in between the 1st and 2nd reading )
  • Hear I am lord
  • The lord is my Shepherd
  • Only in God
  •  Be not afraid
  • Eagles Wings
  • Shepherd me , oh god 
  • Where ever you go
  • As the deer pants for the water 


  • Take Lord receive
  • Amazing Grace
  • In bread we bring you lord
  • Take our bread
  • As i kneel before you 
  • Ag criost an siol 
  • Gifts of bread and wine
  • Servent song
  • Ave Maria 

Communion / Recessional ยท        

  • Ave Maria       
  • Amazing Grace
  • Be still my soul              
  • The clouds veil   
  • Hail queen of Heaven 
  • be still for the presence of the lord 
  • The hiding place 
  • Sweet sacrament devine 
  • Queen of the may 
  • Soul of my savior 
  • Sweet heart of jesus      
  •  As I kneel before you
  • Oceans , where feet may fail
  • God is 
  • Alone , yet not alone         
  • Make me a channel of your peace
  •  Bind us together lord
  •  Christ be beside me
  •  Golden rose , lady of knock
  • Only a shadow
  •  Breathe On Me, Breath Of God
  •  Come To The Garden
  •  Going Home
  •  How  Great  Thou  Art.
  •  May The  Road  Rise  To Meet You
  •  Nearer my God to thee
  • The Old rugged cross
  •  The  Voice Of An Angel. 
  •  You are mine
  •  One Bread one cup
  • may songs of the angels welcome you 
  • Jesus remember me 

The above songs are only suggestions, you can add any of the liturgical songs here. 

 If there is a song / hymn that is not on the list feel free to ask me about it , I may already know it or could possibly learn it.